Why choose us?

What better way to give you the reason to choose us than sharing some testimonials from our patients. We hope you enjoy reading them. To find out for yourself, please give our friendly team a call on 01600 714 236. We look forward to hearing from you.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the result of my Six Month Smiles treatment.”

“I would thoroughly recommend Six Month Smiles treatment at Monmouth Dental Practice. I had seen adverts in the Monnow Voice magazine about braces for adults and as Gareth’s practice is just around the corner, I popped in for a free consultation.

Gareth is a charming man, who provides a very flexible, friendly service. Treatment is painless; the process is easy and having Six Month Smiles braces is not in the least bit embarrassing because they are very unobtrusive. People really have to look closely to see them. There was no discomfort with the brace. It was perhaps a little tight at first but you soon got used to it.

I did have a brace as a child that I wore at night but my teeth had continued to move as I got older and one or two people had started to mention them. I had just retired, so I decided to treat myself to a retirement present.

Treatment took about 10 months in the end and tooth whitening was included. I’d never had to whiten before and I’m pleased with the result. I took a ‘selfie’ photo at the start of my treatment and kept checking as the months progressed. I couldn’t believe how quickly my teeth moved into position.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the result of my Six Month Smiles treatment. I’m delighted and keep flashing my smile.”

Michael Walsh | Monmouth

“It’s such a huge relief to find this dental practice – I just wish I’d found them sooner!”

“I had been with a couple of NHS dental practices in Cinderford and Lydney and looking back you are treated like you’re on a production line. They didn’t know me personally and there was no friendliness. It seems like the first option is to take a tooth out – not choose an alternative treatment that would save a tooth but might take longer.

At one point I had to have some treatment where I needed numbing but I could still feel what they were doing. The dentist got quite angry with me and talked about me to her nurse as if I wasn’t there. It was absolutely dreadful.

I wish all this had sunk in earlier because I’ve now had quite a lot of work done in a caring and trustworthy environment thanks to Gareth and Emma at Monmouth Dental Practice. They are all so friendly and they know me by name. They listen to me too and this makes such a difference. You really do get what you pay for. Private dentists treat to prevent problems. That’s the biggest difference, I think.

It all came to a head just before my daughter’s graduation. My NHS practice had made me a new denture but as soon as I saw it I knew it wasn’t right. It looked awful. It was as if the teeth had been coated in nail varnish, they looked so unnatural.

That was the final straw. I was recommended to see Gareth and I’m so pleased I did. It is such a huge relief to have found this practice. I now have a new denture that looks lovely and so natural that no-one has noticed they are false teeth. I was with my daughter and just kept smiling I was so pleased – even she couldn’t tell! And my son still hasn’t realised.

A friend of mine went private for dentures and she paid a lot of money for hers. She isn’t happy with the result and says they aren’t as natural looking as mine. She also has to use Fixodent to keep her dentures in place whereas I don’t because mine fit so well. Now she has seen what Gareth has achieved and heard what I’ve had to say, she said she will be coming to see him next time!

I have also seen Tina the hygienist and she’s so lovely too – and the treatment didn’t hurt at all. She is such a gentle hygienist that I didn’t require any anaesthetic.

I am so pleased with my dental care that I have recommended the practice to lots of people!”

J.B. | Coleford

“My implant looks and feels completely natural, I’m delighted!”

“My second incisor was very ‘Peggy’ when I was younger so at 16 I had a crown. Later I dropped a spade onto our Irish wolfhound who jumped up and hit me in the face and after that, the tooth became very wobbly at the root. Eventually, I had to have the whole lot taken out.

It was a choice between a bridge or an implant and because I wouldn’t have been able to bite properly with a bridge, I decided that an implant was the answer. I also laugh and smile a lot – and have a toothy grin, so I felt it would be on show quite a bit and had to look right.

I was already a patient at this practice when Gareth took over and I was very pleased with him. He’s great and always makes me laugh, which is a fantastic quality for a dentist to have.

He’s done an absolutely amazing job, as has the technician. My tooth looks completely natural, so much so that my parents couldn’t even tell which was the new crown.
Anyone who’s debating whether to have implant treatment or opt for something cheaper should go for the implant. The treatment takes a while but it is definitely worth it – it’s so secure and I can bite into an apple with complete confidence.

There was no pain with the procedure and the implant went in absolutely fine. In fact of all the dental work I’ve had done over the years, this was the most comfortable thing I’ve ever had done in my mouth. Sometimes you can’t help but fiddle with something new in your mouth but this implant felt natural straightaway.”

Jo Wordsworth | Llangovan

Whitening treatment has enhanced my confidence. I smile at people quite openly and can now look someone in the eye and smile without hesitation.”

“I am in my fifties and I work with people much younger than me who have glistening white ‘Colgate’ smiles. I’m an architect, which means that I work in close proximity with people. When you are that close, it’s really noticeable if someone’s smile isn’t attractive.

I had vacillated over having whitening treatment for years but slowly these things rise up your ladder of priority. When I originally enquired about tooth whitening about five years ago, my previous dentist had said the treatment was not encouraged in the UK because of the high concentrations of chemicals used.

This did make me hesitate because I am careful about what I eat and drink and try to be kind to my body. Things have improved since then and the dosage has now been significantly reduced in alignment with European guidelines.

It is an expensive treatment* but it’s well worth it. My confidence is enhanced, definitely. I smile at people quite openly and I can look someone in the eye and smile without hesitation or that niggling worry that my teeth are letting me down.

I have one tooth where the gum has dropped so it can be extremely sore and I have been using a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth twice a day for about a year. I was concerned that I would suffer sensitivity from this treatment but in fact I have had no consequences at all, no twinges or side effects whatsoever. Gareth advised that for someone like me with sensitive gums it is important to carry on using the special toothpaste for optimum comfort and he’s right!

Gareth took an impression of my teeth, which is painless and much like having a gum shield made. This creates a personalised silhouette of the teeth into which you place the whitening product. The trays then fit snugly onto your teeth.

Gareth had said I would be able to wear the trays at night but initially, I doubted whether I could and imagined my sleep would be disturbed. I decided to give them a try and much to my surprise, their slimline profile does the job and I slept quite well. I use them about every three weeks and always at night now, without noticing them. It’s fabulous to wake up to a pleasant self-smile, it gives you a boost for the day.

Gareth is great and I really appreciate having a young dentist who is keen to do his job well.”

Zoë | Monmouth

* At-home tooth whitening at Monmouth Dental Practice costs £250. Please call us to find out more or to book an appointment.

“My teeth have changed already with Six Month Smiles brace treatment. It’s amazing!”

“I am really happy with the progress already (one month into my treatment with Six Month Smiles), it’s been a lot quicker than I imagined. I have just had the second wire fitted and had a look at the photos from the start of my treatment to compare my teeth. The level and position of my front teeth has really changed. It’s amazing!

I’m not all that self-conscious in photos and some of my friends haven’t even noticed I’m wearing a brace. I’ve zoomed right in on photos and you can’t really see the braces at all.

A lot of people said I had nice teeth before but you notice these things yourself. I was definitely aware of my teeth overlapping and I could actually feel the pressure of the one tooth on the other. This treatment will change that.

When I was in situations that made me nervous, like meeting new people or having an interview, I did used to put my hand to my mouth. I think this treatment will make me feel more confident, especially in nervous moments. I’m going to be a bridesmaid in August too, so I really hope the braces will be off by then.

I had a removable brace when I was about 14 or 15 but I wasn’t great at wearing it. I thought I knew what to expect with this treatment but I was quite surprised at first about how the braces felt in my mouth. I am prone to mouth ulcers, so I did get a few to start with but things did settle down quickly.

The brackets are clear and the wires are tooth-coloured to help them blend in. Gareth suggested a few foods that I should avoid to help keep them bright and these include turmeric, tomato based food and red wine. Fortunately, those things aren’t a problem for me and because the treatment only takes a few months, it’s worth avoiding them for such a short amount of time.”

Rhian Smith | Worcestershire

“To say that I was a nervous patient is an understatement. I was absolutely petrified. But Gareth has helped me overcome my fears.”

Like so many nervous patients, Keith Davis’s fear of the dentist started with a traumatic experience when he was a child. The 60-year-old key account manager from Mile End remembers being given gas and air anaesthetic for a tooth extraction when he was 15 and says that this, and the associated pain, left him frightened out of his wits.

The experience was so bad that he avoided the dentist’s chair until he was 21 but was again unlucky enough to be treated by another heavy-handed dentist.

Keith admits letting his oral health deteriorate for the next 30 years and says he was too afraid to step foot into a dental practice. But when the pain of a toothache became unbearable, he phoned for an emergency appointment. Gareth thought Keith would feel more at ease if the practice was quiet when he arrived, so arranged to see him on a Saturday.

“When Gareth first saw me that day he knew that I was very apprehensive and at a later date said that he remembered me looking ‘a sort of green colour’ due to my fears. I was terrified and in pain because my teeth were in such poor condition. I needed teeth removing, filling and a plate to get me back to good dental health.

“Knowing my fears, Gareth paid me such care and attention, ensuring at all times during the treatment that I was all right by talking and calming the situation. He has restored my faith in the profession completely.

“For the first couple of visits I will admit I did have white knuckles where I was gripping the chair, but I’m not nervous at all now. I have no hesitation in recommending Gareth to anyone and would strongly encourage nervous patients with dental problems to visit him at his surgery.”

Since that first appointment, Keith has visited Gareth regularly and has had no other major remedial treatment.

Keith Davis | Mile End