Complete Care

Gareth Jones is a Complete Care dentist and has dedicated many hours of postgraduate education learning how to care for his patients at the highest ethical and professional level.

Taking a holistic approach to dentistry that considers the whole patient rather than just the teeth, Complete Care dentists are trained at the Dawson Academy, a prestigious dental training school that started in America and has spread worldwide.

A primary principle of Complete Care Dentistry is to do what is necessary to achieve long-term maintainable health and comfort as well as the creation of a beautiful, natural smile.

There’s no point painting the walls if the plaster is falling off

For example, if you kept breaking your teeth, a Complete Care dentist would spend time finding out why. Perhaps you grind your teeth in the night or maybe your diet is high in acidic foods that are causing wear. Whatever the reason, we would treat this issue first, before ploughing into replacing the tooth, only for exactly the same thing to happen a few months down the line.

Dentists are trained to use the WIDIOM rule that means “Would I do it on me?”. This concept requires careful examination and treatment planning designed to help patients understand every problem so priorities of treatment can be put into proper perspective.

There is always a cheap, quick fix available. You can buy cheap trainers but would you want to run a marathon in them?

Complete Care dentists are trained in an analysis of bite problems and related disorders of the jaw joints and are often considered the “go to” dentist who can solve problems of comfort or function. They continually update their knowledge of the latest materials and methods so they are able to provide the finest in smile design that can stand the long test of time.

There is no more beautiful smile than one that is in harmony with the anatomy and contour of the individual face. Dawson dentistry provides the most natural beauty available for dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

To find out more, please call Gareth Jones at Monmouth Dental Practice on 01600 714 236.