Worn Teeth

There are a number of reasons that you might suffer from worn teeth and as a Complete Care dentist we take a holistic approach to dentistry that considers you as a whole patient rather than just your teeth.

Our Monmouth dentist Gareth Jones, would spend time finding out why you were wearing down your teeth. Perhaps you grind them in the night or maybe your diet is high in acidic foods that are causing wear. Whatever the reason, we would treat this issue first, before ploughing into repair or replace the tooth, only for exactly the same thing to happen a few months down the line.

Complete Care dentists are trained in the analysis of bite problems and related disorders of the jaw joints and are often considered the “go to” dentist who can solve problems of comfort or function. We continually update our knowledge of the latest materials and methods so we are able to provide the finest in smile design that can stand the long test of time.

Single-visit smile solutions

A firm believer in minimally invasive dentistry, Gareth Jones offers composite bonding that helps conserves healthy tooth tissue and naturally strengthens the remaining tooth. Following an advanced training course in Belgium, Gareth has further enhanced his skill set to achieve superb outcomes.

This quick, painless and reversible technique is particularly useful when creating less invasive crowns, bridges and reconstructions, closing unsightly gaps and revitalising old or worn teeth, making them whiter. Layers of super-strong and long-lasting filling material are perfectly colour-matched with the patient’s teeth and built up to look like natural teeth – with amazing results.

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