“I now have a new denture that looks lovely and so natural that no-one has noticed they are false teeth.”

J.B. | Coleford

Monmouth dentist Gareth Jones provides comfortable, natural-looking dentures of real benefit to people who no longer possess their natural teeth but for whom socialising and showing a confident smile is very important.

Modern knowledge and techniques will ensure that your new dentures from Monmouth Dental Practice look great and feel comfortable, allowing you to eat with confidence. We offer a range of metal and acrylic dentures to suit most budgets, and advances in denture technology mean that some foods that were off limits to denture wearers in the past, can now be eaten more easily.

Speak to an expert denture technician

We have improved our denture service to ensure that our denture-wearers always receive the very best care and attention.

Martin Johnson from Orchard Dental Laboratory is one of the best technicians we have ever come across. Not only is he a really nice chap but he creates dentures that look like real teeth. We have worked with him since 2003 and although we have tried other dental technicians, no-one has ever come close to his talent.

Martin visits Monmouth Dental Practice once a month to offer patients the chance to have their dentures repaired or improved. He can also create a new set of dentures from scratch.

You will be able to discuss your dentures with him directly, meaning that he will be able to make false teeth that suit you and match your existing teeth. This allows him to make natural-looking teeth for a real person, rather than a set of dental models.

The day of Martin’s visit varies each month, so please contact us to find out when he will be next in or to make an appointment.

Securing your dentures

If you are tired of your dentures or your smile letting you down, or of missing out on enjoying a juicy steak or crisp apple, come and talk to us about implant retained dentures and find out how we can help put a smile back on your face.

To improve the stability of your dentures they can be anchored to one or more dental implants. An artificial root made from titanium is placed in the jaw and a denture with precision attachments is constructed that clip onto the implants very firmly.

The result is a denture that is stable and retentive. Studies have found that patients with implant-retained dentures (or dentures over implants as they are sometimes known) have improved speech, better chewing efficiency, increased nutritional intake and a generally improved quality of life when compared to their conventional dentures.